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The Theory Of Evolution

With the return of Evolution on Raw more than a decade after their formation, check out photos that chronicle their rise to power, their eventual fall, and the proof that in WWE, Evolution isn’t a myth.

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April 14th Raw Results

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Superstars and Divas paid tribute to The Ultimate Warrior

Gone too soon, The Ultimate Warrior left a mark on the WWE locker room and Universe that will never be forgotten. So it was only fitting that, one week after his final, powerful address to the “legend-makers” who lifted him to the highest echelon of Superstardom, the Superstars and Divas of the WWE family gathered to pay final tribute to the WWE Hall of Famer. Ten bells were tolled, a moment of silence was observed, and with every Superstar donning Warrior’s colors and his theme music blaring throughout the arena, a final farewell was bid.

Batista & Randy Orton def. WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos via Disqualification

WWE COO Triple H was left hanging by Randy Orton & Batista when he called for unity against The Shield. Judging by what happened to The Viper & The Animal in their second tag team battle against The Usos, they may have been hasty to dismiss his offer. Channeling the late Ultimate Warrior by donning his face paint, the Tag Champs took the fight straight to their opponents as payback for the beating they received last week, shaking the ropes for emphasis after dropping the duo with a pair of suicide dives.

Batista was able to rally his team into the advantage, and thanks to The Viper, an attempted interference from Jimmy Uso was nullified. When the fight spilled over the ropes it seemed like last week’s events would repeat themselves, but this time it was Orton & Batista who felt the pain of an unexpected pummeling when The Shield stormed out from the folds of the WWE Universe to send them scurrying

The Shield vs. Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Bad News Barrett, Alexander Rusev, Fandango, Rybaxel, Titus O’Neil & 3MB went to a No Contest

Given The Shield’s continuing defiance of the corporate power, it was no surprise that, after teasing a mystery opponent for the trio, The Authority assembled a host of Superstars to face The Hounds of Justice in an 11-on-3 Handicap Tag Team Match in Raw’s main event. What was surprising was who emerged to spell ultimate doom for the men in black.

Rollins found himself the victim of a plus-sized numbers game from the super team, battered by Slater, McIntyre, O’Neil, Rusev & Ryback in quick order. Reigns came to the rescue by Spearing “The Big Guy” outside the ring; the subsequent melee ended both the bout and, seemingly, The Shield’s chances of leaving Birmingham upright. But the exclamation point came in the form of Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton – reunited as Evolution – who administered RKOs, Batista Bombs and one final Pedigree to the overpowered Hounds of Justice. Perhaps it’s not all that surprising: After all, The Shield did cross the line in the sand. What did they expect?


April 11th Smackdown Results

Daniel Bryan & The Usos def. Randy Orton, Batista & Kane

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After the colossal Six-Man Tag Team main event ended in a double count-out and Randy Orton and Batista took down The Usos outside the ring, Kane began to rip apart the SmackDown announce table in order to punish Daniel Bryan. However, before he could, The Shield emerged to unleash a major counter-assault.

Then, after The Viper & The Animal elected to back away from a confrontation with The Shield, Bryan used a running knee to thwart Kane’s attempted chair attack on The Hounds. The black-clad trio then finished off the Director of Operations with a Triple Powerbomb heard round the world.


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April 7th Raw Results

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos def. Randy Orton & Batista via Count-out


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We may not see another Evolution run with the WWE Tag Team Championships, and despite the fact that Randy Orton & Batista didn’t dethrone The Usos as the twin titleholders, they did display a kind of brutal synergy in their Authority-mandated challenge of the Samoan brothers. The Viper & The Animal displayed a ruthless aptitude when they hit Daniel Bryan with an RKO-Batista Bomb combination one night previous at WrestleMania, and they picked right up where they left off against The Usos, taking it to the twins in what amounted to something of a mugging. Read the rest of this entry »


WWE Hall of Fame 2014 – HQ Screencaps

WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony 2014-04-05 Part 2 1832

WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony Preshow 2014-04-05 0484


Here are some HQ screencaps of Randy from the WWE Hall of Fame preshow and the ceremony. Enjoy!


Wrestlemania XXX Results

Daniel Bryan def. Randy Orton and Batista to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion


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Batista has to deal with it. The voices in Randy Orton’s head are speechless. And Triple H’s corporate throne will have to do without its crown jewel, because Daniel Bryan – the Goat Face, the Weak Link, the B-plus player, he of the high school gyms and double-digit paydays on the independent scene – is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Perhaps, however, to say he simply won a title (or two) is an understatement. Bolstered, as ever, by the legions of the “Yes!” Movement that have carried him to glory, Bryan didn’t just capture the championship he’s chased for almost a year now: He rectified every malicious misfortune that befell him throughout his rise. He beat The King of Kings via pinfall in the opening match of the evening to earn his way into the title bout. He reclaimed the WWE Title that was stolen from him at SummerSlam (and again after Hell in a Cell) via submission. Given the two-title nature of the WWE World Heavyweight Title, he even got his hands back on the World Heavyweight Championship he lost in 18 seconds two years ago, in an ignominious WrestleMania XXVIII loss where this Movement really started. Read the rest of this entry »


Wrestlemania Today Interview – HQ Screencaps

Here are the screencaps from Randy’s sit down interview with Booker T. This aired on Wrestlemania Today on the WWE Network and on Smackdown.


WWE Magazine Scans/More Press Conference Pics

I’ve added some scans from the April 2014 issue of WWE Magazine, as well as some more photos from yesterday’s Press Conference.

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